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Flying is an Obstacle to be Overcome
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After an extended delay due to the usual “just married” excuses, we arrived at Philadelphia Airport. Ran into trouble at the USAirways ticket counter. They took me to task for my ratty looking passport, saying that other countries are stricter in the passports they accept. The passport was whisked away behind closed doors, presumably interrogated, confessed to the crime of riding around in my backpack all its life, and finally returned to me.

Our flight was uneventful (good) and long (ugh). Jen slept with her head resting on my head, which was cheering. Once we arrived in Manchester we were taken by bus to the final terminal and passed through immigration without any hassle (screw you for making me worry, USAirways. Your service blows).

We landed in Glasgow after a short flight from Manchester. I hired a Jaguar from a local outfit and our driver, Robert, was great. He drove us around town showing us “bits and bobs.” He dropped us off at our first official stop: the Buchanan Hotel. We fell asleep, exhausted from the travel and jet lagged from losing 5 hours. Around 2AM we both woke up with no hope of a meal, so we snacked on trail mix and went back to bed, to awake to our first whole day in Scotland.
We were an hour late getting out of Red Lion; laundry, packing, nap, you know. About three miles down the road, we realized we'd forgotten the Just Married sign and the wad of cash we took out to pay for our accommodations so we had to turn back to retrieve the forgotten things.

We finally got to the airport with John driving a zillion miles an hour since we'd left so late. They almost rejected John's passport cause it was all tattered around the edges. He was so very livid about that and by the time we got through security we had hardly had any time to eat, which was terribly distressing for me because I hadn't eaten anything on the wedding day or much while getting ready for the trip.

I ended up with a garden salad and a disturbing choice between lite ranch or lite caesar. Ugh! Who doesn't have italian???

We got on the plane where I slept for nearly the whole trip. But I did wake up for dinner. Having decided to relax my usual food preferences while on the honeymoon, I got a little tray of BBQ chicken and potatoes with a bitty salad and a rubenschlager roll.

Landed in Manchester Int'l in a dinky little terminal. We rode in a shuttle on the wrong side of the road.

And I got 80 pence when I exchanged my monies!

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